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Fresh Seafood in Clayton, NC

At our seafood store, we supply all the fresh fish you could want. When you visit Clayton Seafood Market LLC, you can find all the ingredients you’ll need to make various appetizing seafood meals for yourself, your guests, and your family! Our seafood is delicious, and our fresh shellfish will make your mouth water. Whether you want to throw a party for all your friends or cook a special dinner at home, let Clayton Seafood Market LLC be your one-stop shop for all the fresh seafood you need.

We specialize in delicious ocean fish and shellfish.

If you’re craving shrimp, grilled salmon, lobster, or another tasty seafood dinner, we have everything you need to prepare a delicious meal. All of our fish comes from local beaches and is always captured and delivered fresh daily. We know you demand only the best, and we are dedicated to giving you only the finest, freshest seafood available.


You can count on us to go above and beyond with our selection of freshly prepared seafood. Whether you’re looking for fish, crabs, oysters, or fresh calamari, we can prepare it for you to cook at home. We are a fish market you can trust, ready to cater to your needs. Provide your family with nutritious and delicious meals every day! For all your seafood needs, stop by Clayton Seafood Market LLC. We proudly supply the Clayton, NC area.

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