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Fish Market in Clayton, NC

Clayton Seafood Market LLC is located in Clayton, NC and has been the premiere fresh seafood market in the Clayton area for many years. Fresh and delicious fish and shellfish are our passion, which is why we aim to deliver our customers with tasty, freshly caught fish every single day. If it isn't fresh, then it isn't worth it. You deserve only the very best, which is what we aim to provide.

Here at Clayton Seafood Market LLC, our mission is to always provide quality service at an affordable price. The success of our company is due to the dedication we provide to our customers. No matter what you need, customer satisfaction is always our number one priority! We stake our reputation on the quality of our seafood. So you know that when we say it's fresh, you can believe it.

Fish Market

Clayton Seafood Market LLC is a proud part of the Clayton, NC community. We like to think of ourselves as more than just another fish market. We are friends and neighbors that you can trust. When you're planning a big lobster dinner, we may offer you suggestions and recipes to help you along. It is our goal to be your go to fish market due to our friendly and welcoming customer service, in addition to the quality of fish and shellfish.

If you're in need of fresh fish, you know where to come. Clayton Seafood Market LLC is eager to serve you!

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